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Why cloud computing in Healthcare is a growing trend

Takeda, the largest biopharmaceutical company in Asia, has recently announced a five year partnership with Accenture and Amazon Web Services, to expedite its digital transformation. The collaboration will leverage cloud and data-driven insights to … Read More

Today we are proud to be part of 4T-Tech Transfer Think Tank 2020 on Innovation 4 Health 

We are participating today in the seventh edition of 4T-Tech Transfer Think Tank, the most important Italian event focused on technology transfer, organized by Jacobacci & Partners and Università Statale di Milano. … Read More

United Venture is the lead investor in our round A

When you have a dream, you must fight for it. We want to revolutionize the life science and medical devices world by speeding up research and development of new products, increasing safety, opening the door to personalized medicine and trials … Read More

We are proud to be part of Covid-19 Maker Challenge, a global initiative to fight the pandemic

Born from a visionary idea at the onset of the global #coronavirus emergency, the COVID-19 Maker Challenge initiative is a call to action aimed at global innovation professionals to help protect frontline … Read More

Italian researcher Lorenzo Sala wins the VPH in Silico Medicine Award

On the occasion of the #VPH2020 Conference some awards were bestowed upon few brilliant young students. InSilicoTrials sponsored one of them: the VPHi-InSilicoTrials Award in In Silico Medicine … Read More

How simulation can help fight a pandemic like Covid-19

It took us unprepared. We missed how much probable was the threat of a contagious and potentially deadly virus as the #covid19 in a hyper-connected world. And we have neither a treatment ready for it nor a common reaction protocol … Read More

Opening the doors to Far East

While #Modeling&Simulation is an established approach in many industries, such as Aerospace and Automotive, it is still a novelty when it comes to #Pharma. That is the window of opportunity we identified two years ago: a market made of over … Read More