Opening the doors to Far East

Opening the doors to Far East. While #Modeling&Simulation is an established approach in many industries, such as Aerospace and Automotive, it is still a novelty when it comes to #Pharma. That is the window of opportunity we identified two years ago: a market made of over 60,000 companies worldwide, growing constantly each year, a market that is expected to reach € 6.5 billion within 2025, ready to receive the company’s scalable and cloud-based solution that will democratize access to simulations in #healthcare.

This is a global market where the USA are the main player, followed by some European countries. APAC is growing strongly, year after year.

Levante Capital will lead us into the Asian markets

Levante Capital decided to invest in our platform for two main reasons. Firstly, they believe that when Southern-European and Italian innovative initiatives are perceived as world-class disruptive forces, Asia is the right place for those technologies to emerge as global market champions. Secondly, Levante Capital aims to act as a waypoint for upcoming tech companies to reach a huge and still largely unexplored market.

The investment also kicks off Levante Capital’s investment strategy that regards Asia as an intrinsic frontline for South European innovative initiatives that are aiming to become true global champions, while turning their stakeholders into true global players as well.

So we are proud to be the first company they invested in!  The € 350,000 ticket #investment and, most importantly, Levante’s established extended network in Asia will boost our presence in the Healthcare Modeling & Simulation markets of #China and #SouthKorea, to start with.

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