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QT/TdP Risk Screen

A unique tool able to calculate safety markers and estimate in minutes clinical risks following CredibleMeds classification for multiple concentrations of a compound against the four most relevant ion currents.


A tool to conduct in silico safety trials on a population of human-induced pluripotential stem cells, for seven ion currents and at different concentrations.

CiPA InSilico

Based on FDA standards, the tool allows to calculate the safety marker qNet on up to seven ion channels at different concentrations. 


This tool of the InSilicoMRI library allows the investigation of the radiofrequency (RF)-induced heating of passive devices in an MRI scanner. 

PCa GnRH Agonists Simulator

This tool enables simulations of clinical trials on a virtual population of prostate cancer patients being treated with a GnRH agonist.

CTx NeutroSim

A tool that performs in silico clinical trials to assess the neutropenic effects of a chemotherapeutic agent in a virtual population of cancer patients.

SEV Radial Force Test

This tool of the InSilicoCARDIO library enables simulations of Radial resistive force and Chronic outward force test in various types of Nitinol, self-expandable heart valves , such as transcatheter aortic valve and transcatheter mitral valve. 

MS TreatSim

A unique tool for quantitative prediction of relapse rate and immune dynamics under treatment in virtual Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis patients.


Predicts the coefficient of variations (CoV), spray losses and cycle time and force distributions which can be related to chipping and twinning.

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