Our Approach


Simulations made easy
and cost-effective

Our aim is to democratize the healthcare industry. Our platform makes Modeling & Simulation and AI accesible for big, small and mid-sized companies. 


A mix of experts

A team of professionals coming from the fields of Modeling & Simulation, AI, healthcare, regulatory, simulation, IT and cybersecurity


A global network

We cooperate with 70+ universities worldwide to build innovative models, algorithms and digital tools


Regulatory bodies

A research collaboration agreement with the FDA and the participation in a consultative group with EMA put us on the frontline for regulatory innovation

The best, validated
computational models

Our models and AI tools are the result of the long and hard work of many researchers. We select the most relevant models and make them available to the healthcare industry. 


Virtual patients


University collaborations


Research collaboration agreement with the FDA


Leader of the task force for Good Simulation Practices


Member of EMA Consultative Working Group for Cloud Security

We are compliant with regulatory guidelines

In the past years regulatory agencies have promoted the use of Modeling and Simulation to make safer products, reduce development time, and innovate the R&D process. We have a research collaboration agreement with the FDA and we work with other agencies  to support the creation of the best regulatory environment for Modeling & Simulation and Artificial Intelligence.

QT/TdP Risk Screen is in line with current initiatives aiming to define a new paradigm in cardiac safety like comprehensive in vitro proarrhythmia assay (CiPA), where modeling and simulation of the human cellular ventricular electrophysiology plays a relevant role in the assessment of the proarrhythmic risk of drugs.
Javier Saiz
Javier Saiz
Full Professor at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, Valencia)
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