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The high cost and long time necessary to develop a new drug or a new medical device has been a pain for decades, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Modeling and simulation is the answer. Digital simulations can cut up to 50% the development cost and duration of drugs and medical devices That’s why it’s time to digitalize R&D.

Validated models
created by top scientists

We work with an international network of more than 500 prestigious universities, research centers and scientists. Our main feature is the integration of computational models coming from the research community into user-friendly and cost saving digital products. Our platform is the preferred partner for many great researchers to develop and commercialize their models for the benefit of the industry and of millions of patients worldwide.

A cloud-based

A cloud platform is synonym of total security. Data uploaded and used in the cloud are by far more secure than data stored in other kinds of premises. Cybersecurity has been one of our specialties since we started this company and even before that.

Cloud is better

Embedded simulation engines

Embedded multiple solvers 

Cybersecure & turnkey ready

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Expert support in
line with regulatory

In the past years regulatory agencies have been promoted the use of Modeling & Simulation to make safer medical products, reduce development time, and innovate the R&D process. We have a research collaboration agreement with FDA  and we work with other agencies  to support the creation of the best regulatory environment for Modeling and Simulation.

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