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We have built a unique cloud platform where you can easily use validated models while cutting your R&D costs

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The life science industry has long faced the lengthy and costly process of developing new drugs. Digital Twin and Biosimulation are the key to cutting down time frames and costs in this area. Digital simulations help companies reduce by up to 50% the time-consuming and costly development, as well as subsequent registration / certification processes of new drugs.

It’s time to digitalize your R&D!

Cloud is better

Embedded simulation engines

Embedded multiple solvers 

Cybersecure & turnkey solution

Resilient and accessible

A Secure & Easily Accessible Cloud Platform

A cloud platform is synonym of total security. Our cloud-based platform ensures total data security and the ability to access the platform from anywhere in the world. Data uploaded and used in the cloud are by far more secure than data stored in other kinds of premises. 
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