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An interview with Prof. Giulia Russo

Our new guest on In Silico Talks today is Giulia Russo, Assistant Professor at the University of Catania, Italy, and Chief Research Officer of MIMESIS, an academic spin-off of the same University focused on computational biomedicine. “By training I’m a

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In Silico Talks

An Interview with Prof. Francesco Pappalardo

Let’s start 2022 with this very interesting interview with Francesco Pappalardo, professor of computer science and systems biomedicine at the University of Catania, adjunct professor at Boston University in USA and at Griffith University in Australia. He is a strong supporter of in silico methods in medicine.   “I am a computer

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Blog Section - May 16, 2023

Toward Good Simulation Practice: Best Practices for the Use of Computational Modelling & Simulation in the Regulatory Process of Biomedical Products


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