Democratizing simulations in healthcare

InSilicoTrials works with Pharma and Medical Devices companies to create a secure cloud-based computational hub in an easy and cost effective way

What is InSilicoTrials?

Optimization of medical device development

Use simulations to design and safely test new products in virtual patients

Modeling for dose selection, special populations, drug interactions

Estimate the right dose for the patient profile of interest

Integrated framework from data to treatment

Digitalize, integrate and analyze multidisciplinary data, e.g. clinical, images, genetic, etc.

Collaborative cloud platform

Share data, generate models, run simulations and analyze results with your project team

Reporting by guidelines

Present your simulation results following regulatory guidelines recommendations

Trusted Partnership

Reach out to a team of specialists who can assist you to overcome project hurdles and commercialize assets

Our tools


Find out more about the interactions between implanted medical devices and the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). With NuMRis - Numeric Magnetic Resonance implant testing, you will be able to simulate the behavior of the medical device (e.g. stent, hip prosthesis, 3D printed implant) during an MRI scan, to analyze the effects on the patient, and to quantify the dose and thermal outcomes due to the exposure.

QT/TdP Risk Screen

A new drug-induced QT prolongation risk assessment tool for the preclinical screening of your drug compounds. Provided by Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, Valencia) and Fundació Institut Mar D'Investigacions Mèdiques (FIMIM, Barcelona). QT/TdP Risk Screen will help you to spot proarrhythmic risks and to identify safe concentration ranges for your drug compounds.


Do you want to improve your product design? CONSELF allows you to improve your products design for different industry sectors. You can minimize drag and fluid dynamics losses, increase efficiency, maximize heat exchange performances, estimate pressure loads, verify material resistance, evaluate components shape deformation, calculate natural frequencies and modes, and much more.

Our business workflow


Research Centers

Have you developed a model which you want to make ready-to-use to a larger audience? Commercialize it through our platform


Do you have data that you want to digitize and structure in an integrated platform? Do you plan analysis and data mining? Look for our solutions


Are data and models part of your assets? Do you want to host or commercialize them in a secure and protected environment? Reach out to us

Software solution providers

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We can help you achieve your goals using modeling and simulation tailored to customize your projects by leveraging scientific and technological advice.

Researchers & Clinicians

Are on-demand software and computing power what you need? Are you looking for an easy but sophisticated modeling and simulation tool? Answer your scientific questions through our platform.

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" is the platform bridging the gap between software providers and clinical consumers."
Thierry Marchal
Global Industry Director Healthcare at ANSYS
"FDA's efforts in modeling and simulation are enabled through multiple collaborations with external parties that provide additional expertise and infrastructure to advance the development of these state-of-the-art technologies." - July 7, 2017 by FDA Voice
Scott Gottlieb
Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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