We are proud to be part of Covid-19 Maker Challenge, a global initiative to fight the pandemic

We are proud to be part of Covid-19 Maker Challenge, a global initiative to fight the pandemic. Born from a visionary idea at the onset of the global #coronavirus emergency, the COVID-19 Maker Challenge initiative is a call to action aimed at global innovation professionals to help protect frontline workers from infections as much as possible. The project was conceived by the U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Innovation Ecosystem and Challenge America, a U.S. nonprofit.

The #COVID-19 Maker Challenge brings together private industry and research university experts in #engineering, #manufacturing, #3D printing, #healthcare, who gave their time and ideas in support of essential workers in daily contact with the virus. Through five virtual Maker Challenges, various devices and solutions were invented, selected and developed in a very short time in order to help doctors, nurses, and any other frontline worker operates in a safer environment.

We decided to support this effort because we believe that, in this hard moment for the whole of mankind, our technology could represent a very important contribution. We ended up to be the only Italian company involved in the Covid-19 Maker Challenge.

We decided to make our simulation platform available free of charge to anyone participating to the challenges. Thanks to the simplified access to models and powerful tools accessible on the cloud, makers had the opportunity to virtually test their ideas, accelerating the releases of the products. Thirty-five solutions have been developed thus far by the COVID-19 Maker Challenge teams of subject-matter #experts and are available to view on the website. In most cases it is possible to ask for the designs at no cost. Among them, a Tessellation Sanitation Station, a solution that uses concentrated UVC lighting to sanitize luggage and other objects in a few seconds, a Raman Light Inspection System, a portable device that accurately distinguishes the COVID-19 virus on surfaces, a Symptom Monitoring App, a mobile-based check-in system with automated alerts and workflows to monitor the employee and visitor symptoms, and a Ventilated Face Shield, which prevents the fogging of glasses while wearing a mask.

Simulation of airflow in a face mask


For us, joining the COVID-19 Maker Challenge represents an important step in our journey as a company, a further proof of our international reach as well as an important acknowledgment of the value of the proprietary platform.

The COVID-19 Maker Challenge, which started last April, will end with the fifth virtual Maker Challenge scheduled for October 9-18, 2020. We are so proud to be part of it.

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