MS TreatSim

A unique tool for quantitative prediction of relapse rate and immune dynamics under treatment in virtual Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis patients

Mechanism-based model

Simulations embody the innate and adaptive immune system, the auto-immune reaction, patient heterogeneity and treatment effects


Validated Outcome

Simulations of relapse rates were validated with individual clinical data and clinical trial results


Easy to Use Wizard

Friendly step-by-step simulation workflow that guides simulation setup, running, results visualization and download

MS TreatSim is a web-based application that enables simulation of realistic disease courses in RRMS, based on a mechanistic model of the immune system and its dysregulation in MS [Pappalardo 2020].  The model incorporates the adaptive and innate immune system, the autoimmune response and four distinct disease modifying therapies.

Due to the implementation of immune system heterogeneity and variable disease severity based on basal patients’ characteristics, the virtual patients’ disease courses and response to treatment display real-world variability. The relapse rates predicted by the model have been validated with individual clinical data [Pappalardo 2020], as well as clinical trial data. 

MS TreatSim combines two different types of simulation workflows. In the first simulation workflow, In Silico Trial, MS TreatSim enables simulation of clinical trials with heterogeneous populations of virtual RRMS patients. This workflow can be used to explore trial design scenarios in terms of duration, population, active comparator or placebo and choice of outcome measures.  The second simulation workflow, Digital Twin, is designed for exploring the effect of treatment strategies at individual level.

MS TreatSim helps you prepare for the clinical phase of drug development by reducing risk and making informed decisions in designing long and costly clinical trials for DMT’s in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

The tool is web-based, secure and user friendly – there is no need for specific training or modelling expertise.

Research team

The Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Simulator is the result of a collaboration between University of Catania’s spin-off Mimesis and InSilicoTrials Technology.

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