Modeling & Simulation is key to improve the success of oncology drug development programs while reducing costs and time-to-market.



We build a bridge between science and industry by integrating validated and regulatory approved models



Flexible computational power: no software or fixed costs, but a collection of models in a pay-per-use mode


User friendly

Streamlined workflows and user interface allow also scientists with no computational experience to run models

Innovate oncology in drug development

Modeling & Simulation can help quantify the efficacy-safety profile of a new drug candidate and compare it to existing drugs. Moreover it can suggest how to optimize dose regimens by conducting in silico trials.

In silico clinical trials allow to explore new scenarios that haven’t been considered in real clinical trials. They help to assess the efficacy and safety of anti-cancer treatments and optimize scheduling.

Modeling & Simulation can help quantify the dose-exposure-response relationship. They can be used to guide the design of clinical studies, optimizing the scheduling, study duration and number of subjects and cohorts to include in the trial.

Discover our InSilicoONCO suite of online products

PCa GnRH Agonists Simulator

A tool that simulates the effect of GnRH agonists on testosterone and allows to perform in silico clinical trials in a virtual population of prostate cancer patients.

CTX NeutroSim

A tool that performs in silico clinical trials to assess the neutropenic effects of a chemotherapeutic agent in a virtual population of cancer patients.

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